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I’ve been waiting for this to come across my dash again (or at least a variant of it.)  The interesting thing about the comparison of these two scenes is that the first time Blaine’s insecurities come up, Kurt reassures him and then smiles like he’s fixed everything.  Like it was one small hiccup, and now everything’s going to be okay.  But now, with these same insecurities coming up over and over again, with Blaine so convinced that Kurt’s going to jump ship the moment something better comes along, Kurt’s not smiling anymore.  He knows it isn’t over.  I don’t think he quite knows what to do about it yet, but he’s aware that this is a bigger problem than he could’ve ever believed at first, and hopefully he’s going to try to figure out a way to help and support Blaine.

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I want to focus on this paragaph for a second because I think Kurt might do something about this in episode 18. He will include Blaine in his audition or whatever for June. Show him they are equals and wants to share that opportunity with Blaine.

It looks like it will sort of backfire on himself but be a confidence boost for Blaine. Something Blaine might need right now.

Curious how it all plays out.

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